TicTac Files

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System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista, DirectX 7.0 or better



Three thousand years ago, we believed that the Earth is flat board and THAT IS WHY the Tic Tac Toe (XO-game) has been played at the flat game board.

Since 20th Century, we have new four-dimensional model of reality, which conceptual framework ads time in space-time continuum – THAT IS WHY our modern version of Tic Tac is playing on continuous game board that has no boundaries.

Aim of the game – complete set by set of identical tokens to match the backgroundpattern. Tokens are transparent, which makes the game goal obvious, i.e. one token setfits one pattern color.

Tic Tac Files have five game modes:

  • Casual
  • Hidden
  • Fixo
  • Zen
  • Tour