Project Squaricon


the universal game of hidden harmony

The game industry gone mobile and market has exploded worldwide. That’s why we are sure that our distinguished game has much better chances to succeed, and we are starting new Project Squaricon 2.0.

Behind the game

Usually we say that we live in randomized reality and sometime only, we feel there is some hidden order behind it that runs the world in unpredictable but luckily positive course.

It is story about the Squaricon: as in the real life – all things are here on the table but moving at the same time – so we follow fragmented part only. Play the Squaricon and you will be able to recognize or even touch the hidden order around us.

Not coincidentally, squares are the basic element of this game – in fact, Squaricon squares are magic squares of its own.

As Abhinavagupta said:
To study magic squares is to study the self;
To study the self is to forget the self;
To forget the self is to be enlightened.

Before the Squaricon

It’s started long time ago when I’ve been living in Prague, the Czech Republic. The city of Prague has known by its Middle Ages alchemy, metaphysics and legends, and it is almost normal that weird things are happening there. I was seller on the street stand in tourist area selling handcraft stuff: jewelry, scarves, clothes and hats, wooden and stone figures from India, Indonesia and Latin America.

My fellow neighbor and good friend Mr. Juso Prelo – the stand next to me – loved betting on sport results, with variable luck, while I’ve endeavored to construct the best system to win. In history of math, such an attempt to ‘benefit from future event’ sometimes resulted in new math theory, e.g. today we can follow research of AI stock market forecasts. Each evening, after the work we’ve set down in some pub to make systems while tasting unforgettable – on tap – Czech beer.


Very soon after, I’ve relocated to Porec – Croatian tourist center in Istria. Tourism itself is exhaustive seasonal job, while sometimes you have lot of ‘lazy’ time.

Out of season, I’ve continued to work occasionally on my matrices until (some 4 seasons later) discovered an algorithm that makes such a matrix series from 3 to infinite on the single simple rule, which is new prime number sieve: if any given number can make Squaricon matrix then it is prime number. I was exciting for my eureka matrices and tried to connect to some mathematicians but – believe me – those people really don’t like intruders.

OK, science to scientists, game to the world.

What else have I learned from mathematicians? They said that prime numbers are one of only a few big unsolved problems of modern math, it is so complex problem that it could take some 50 years to be discovered, or maybe – never.

We are offering our solution: pass the Squaricon and you will get an idea.

‘Pass the Squaricon’

Few years later, I’ve recognized it as a creative pattern for exciting video game. But, this game has never became a reality without top professional software engineer Mr. Gordan Sikic. He will code our final PC version and I am happy about it.

Now I hope it’s time for my team to start developing many extraordinary fun and important Squaricon puzzles that by side may help to discover the big prime numbers secret.

However you can download and try PC version of the Squaricon right now..

This weird name associates on two things important for this game: first – Rubik and second – Rubicon.



Mr. Erno Rubik is Hungarian architect famous as inventor of Rubik’s cube. Squaricon gameboard at 3×3 fields looks alike one side of Rubik’s cube. Moreover, any token that you move out of the gameboard is still there – it will appear from the counter side.

However, the Squaricon is as fun as Rubik’s Cube but significantly simpler game to learn and play.
Rubicon is famous river in the North Italy that Julius Caesar with his troops has stayed by in doubt to cross the river and break some serious rules of Empire. After some thinking he decided to ‘pass’ and said another famous phrase “alea iacta est” – the die is cast.

Rubicon symbolizes tough decision to take the way with no return, exactly what we expect you to do while playing Squaricon i.e. ‘Pass the Squaricon’ is our tagline.

Squaricon team’s background

Our team members have strong skill and experience in software development. In game area, we developed two game series: CMean Game and City Bracelets.

In the last few years, we produced several titles that got attention from game industry experts. Please, type CMean Game or Callisto_5 (prototypes of Squaricon) in your browser to find more information. CNET-editors gave a 4 stars “Excellent” for our Callisto_5 game.

Our games are always developed on own and original game patterns.

Smartphones games

Recently, for android platform we developed three genuine and a little bit lighter titles in the City Bracelets Series (googlesamsungamazon).

Our goal is to develop many fun products for people around the world. Those innovative and smart brainteasers are asking a little bit effort from player to train it and then play for a long, long time.

Our team has extremely stimulating impulse to develop many innovative, original and exciting games.
Series’ palette will start by Squaricon-3 mobile as the simplest game in Series, after that we will develop Squaricon-35 for  tablets, and even more later Squaricon-357 for tablets and consoles.

NOTE: Many relevant researches confirm that brain games are improving our lives regardless of our game-scores. So train your ability to react quicker and more strategically
Enjoy originals.
Your Squaricon Team