Hi, My name is Goran and I am designer of this game. We say that we exist in randomized reality, and sometimes only, we feel there is some hidden order that keeps unfocused and rough reality united. Magical power of squares, circles, and prime numbers has known for a few thousand years. TheCMeanGame matrices are magic squares of its kind.   tictac2During a development process, I played it many times. This pattern-matching game entertains me still today by its elusive motion and outstanding brain challenging game play.   New Game mechanics is the best surprise in this game:

    • game board is not passive background, but movable part of the game
    • tokens inside the completed set are moving from path to path instead of from field to the next field
    • token pushed out of the game board immediately re-entersfrom the other side of the same row or column…

Hints: for your easy start, my team has prepared a handy HINT that is just one click away from the gameboard: it will propose you move by move without interrupting your game session. Game modes: Now the CmeanGame Series has seven game modes playable at three diverse game boards. For different purposes, we made several compact versions. TT-Promo-300x250   Features:

  • side-displays show completed vs. uncompleted token sets
  • progress-bar is monitoring overall chances to finish a job soon
  • Yin Yang double click switches between YY-column and YY-row
  • review all moves by using backward and forward buttons
  • temporal game saved by default
  • full screen option enriches full player’s experience
  • game board frame follows the last clicked pattern field’s color
  • Amazing video effects…

Freeware: especially for you we prepared unlimited free downloadable games CmeanGame-Promo and Callisto_5 Trialware: free download our full games Tic Tac Files and Squaricon